Summer prepare

A summer to prepare

In forty years of trying to stay prepared for the unexpected, I have a dark feeling that this summer is A summer to prepare!

A summer to prepare
It will be very unwise to not use this summer to get you and yours prepared

I have heard radio talk show host “Glen Beck” describe this summer as having the potential for being another Nineteen Sixty Eight’s summer of rage. I was only Eleven years old in 1968, but I do remember vaguely the turmoil of those political times. The riots, looting, and Viet Nam war head lines in a nation that appeared to be coming unglued. I’m Fifty Nine years old now, and I call this time around a summer to prepare.

We are watching in real time as nations all over the globe default under the crushing weight of financial debt. Greece, Puerto RicoVenezuela, as well as some of the worlds largest economic powers.  Spain, Italy, France, America, Japan, Germany, and Great Briton, are struggling to cope with this debt , and almost a total lack of economic growth for two decades. We can all see large well organized groups of barbarians attacking innocent people in once powerful and civilized nations around the world. Mass murder has become a norm of sorts, where not even the police are safe from organized attack.

What the hell is going on? These events are taking place in full view of not just the citizens of nations, but in full view of the governments charged with protecting their respective nations, and citizens from these types of disaster. Here lies the answer to the question of: What the hell is going on here.  The world’s western Governments no longer represent Sovereign nations and their citizens, They represent a sinister Marxist inspired Global bureaucracy. The European Union, the United Nations, America’s ,Obama administration, and Governments of most nations that used to be productive, Free market Capitalist, style, states, now have their economies tied together, and controlled by global bureaucrats. The leaders of these nations have sold out their citizens for seats at the global table. These events are making the case for a summer to prepare.

A summer to prepare
The Marxist inspired globalist of many western nations have opened the gates to the barbarian threat.

The leaders of western nations are for all intents and purposes contributing to the calamity in their own nations. Open border immigration policies, at a time of staggering unemployment, stagnant wages and the facilitating of a tidal wave like invasion of Radical Islamic, Terror, agents, Drug gangs, and global criminal entities into the neighborhoods of their traditional citizens. How do they justify these seemingly traitorous acts? With false charges of racism, and dishonest portrayals of the invaders as poor down trodden immigrants. They berate their citizens and dictate that the victims  change their ways, customs, and manners to accommodate the invaders. They mount an all out effort to try and disarm their citizens as a means of continuing their agenda of “Transformation”,  It’s madness, and it’s time for the rest of us to join together with the fed up people of Great Briton, and turn our backs on the Global elites, our subversive national leaders, and all of their supporters in the propagandist media, and even our fellow citizens that support this western suicide.

I have argued for years that “prepping” is a powerful weapon of change. A weapon so powerful that the forces of globalism  are afraid of it, and the people that dare practice it. Why else would things like collecting rain water, or having chickens, be enough to warrant visits from tacted out, body armor clad goons with weapons and gear? We as individual preppers can make a huge difference in the battle for individual liberty by living a more self sufficient life style, which is all that prepping is. Prepping steals back power from bureaucratic governments that count on the lazy and uninspired to trade their sovereign liberties for hand outs. They don’t like it when you don’t need them, and therefore don’t have to bend to their agenda.

I believe that this summer will be a summer to prepare. Possibly the last chance for many to get prepared for what many believe will be a world changing series of events.  10 summer preps Here.