Shadow preppers x ,Survival Knives

The number one survival knife on planet earth.

And the winner for number one survival knife is!

Shadow preppers x ,Survival Knives
Survival Knife

The answer is simple and probably anticlimactic to the question, but the truth is the absolute best “survival knife” that a prepper( or anybody for that matter)can have is…..The knife that you have in your pocket, BOB, tackle box, vehicle, etc when it hits the fan and you need a good blade. In simple terms, there is no right or wrong answer for this. I’ll explain my philosophy on this matter, and it can be applied to hatchets, axes, firearms, bug out bags, head gear, personal water purifiers, and anything else that preppers argue about as far as equipment and tools go.

I have an old friend (I’ll call him “Bud”) that has just about every knife known to man kind in his collection. From the simple utilitarian to the ridicules. Every new “Rambo” movie that hit the big screen came with a new “Hibbon Creation”, and Bud had to rush out and make it his newest addition to his collection of BAK’s. Now me and “Bud” have been hunting, fishing, camping, and relic hunting(Metal detecting) together since we were children, and if I had a nickel for every time he asked to borrow my knife, I could buy that mountain top retreat I’ve dreamed of all my life. It was one of these times, that convinced me to pen this article.

A sharp, durable, knife is one of the most important, useful, and life saving, tools a person can possess, weather they consider themselves preppers, or survivalist, or not. As you start your survival prepping journey, this should be a priority tool, second to little else. Select what suits you personally. Ask yourself these questions as you consider your go to blade:

  • Is it well made?
  • Is it made of good durable steal?
  • Does it feel good in my hand?
  • Can I handle it’s size and weight?
  • Do I like it’s balance?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then congratulations, you have just found your new, best friend (2nd if you have a good dog)!

Now with all of that said and under our belt……Yes, I understand that some knives are just better than others, but they are all equally worthless if you can’t put your hands on it in an emergency. Even if the situation can not be considered a TEOTWAWKI situation, your Hundred dollar skinner will do you no good at all in the cab of your truck, while you have a nice one down three and a half miles away on the other side of the creek, and it’s getting late. At my age having to drag that extra 30 or 40 lbs of buzzard food back to my truck because I forgot to put my knife on my belt is a mini emergency, so, I never FORGET my knife.

Shadow preppers, Survival knife
Never find yourself without a good knife

The  point I hope everyone reading this takes away is….Don’t be without a blade no matter what make and type of knife you decide is best for you. For any reason! If you get separated from your vehicle, boat, Bug out bag, or tackle box, make sure that you have a good knife on your person. The same goes for the means to make fire. A good knife and matches, lighter, or fire stick will pull you through some very tough situations! Don’t be without them…..Ever! Now you know what the absolute #1 knife in the world is, its the one you can put your hand on right this second.