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Prepping to Resist

Prepping is a powerful form of resistance!


This has been one of my major motivations for getting and remaining prepared for emergency’s. As I have written in the past, Prepping is just good old fashion self sufficient living, and it takes a certain amount of power out of the hands of Government, and corporations, that have for decades catered to the lazy and uninspired in society, in order to gain more control over their lives.

The first step in any preparedness plan is to recognize a need for it. I generally avoid writing or even saying to much about my personal thoughts on what I believe to be the most pressing need to prepare, because, I am trying to avoid this site becoming just another political rant page, but it appears that I am not alone in my motivations for staying prepared.

We prep because we believe that America, and American society is circling the toilet bowl. I can’t believe that our society hasn’t collapsed already, and everyday I see further signs that it is on it’s way to complete calamity.

I just read an excellent article that explains in much more detail, and documented source data another authors take on the Campaign to destabilize America, and bring American society crashing down around out heads.  I highly recommend that anybody interested in seeing a very good explanation for what’s happening to our country go to “Oath Keepers”, and read “Understanding the Campaign to Destabilize the United States”. Check it out Here.

At the end of this very interesting article is a “what you can do list”. It is a standard preppers list of to do’s from the author, and then another expanded list from the editors of “Oath Keepers”. I really urge everyone to click over to Oath Keepers site now and read “Navy Jack’s” article