Prepping for economic collapse

Prepping for Economic Collapse

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We can prepare for economic collapse, just like any other emergency situation

Prepping for economic collapse.

If there’s any one thing that most rational people can agree on today, It’s that all of the economic numbers we are seeing today point to economic collapse.  Poor nations are less prosperous now than they have been in the last three decades. Hunger is a problem in more countries than ever before, including some country’s that have been economically stable and even prosperous over the past couple of decades. This is spreading, and becoming more critical everyday. Brazil, yes the same Brazil that is slated to host the world’s Olympic games this summer is suffering through a depression (that’s depression with a D). Their economy has contracted for five straight quarters, and they are having a crisis in which they are struggling to pay their police, and other service providers. Brazil owns the world’s 8th largest economy. Next door in Venezuela…Well, it’s total economic collapse in Venezuela. The store shelves are empty, the dumpsters behind the food stores  are empty, and restaurants are being raided by hungry citizens looking to steal anything they can find to feed their families. Nobody is working except the national military and police forces, and they are only able to protect food trucks and the very wealthiest of citizens. They are stretched too thin to protect most businesses including Zoos, and animal shelters. That’s right, the poor(most everyone now) are raiding the Zoo’s and animal shelters for meat. There are reports that Venezuelan’s are hunting Dogs, cats, and Pigeons in the streets for food also. Venezuela was the richest, most prosperous nation in South America for almost two decades. Countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America are facing their own devastating economic challenges.

  • In Germany, the largest bank in Europe is facing total disaster. Deutsche Bank to lay off 1900 employee’s, with many more to come.
  • CNBC reported recently that the Global debt increased by 200 Trillion dollars, nearly three times the size of the entire world economy.
  • Japan has suffered multiple recessions over the last two decades, and one entire decade(the lost decade) of 0% growth.
  • Great Britton and her fed up citizens, turned their backs on the faltering “Global economy” by voting YES on Brexit, and NO to Globalism.
  • Spain, Italy, Greece, and the rest of Europe all have an economic foot in the grave, and are not likely to be able to fix it with an Islamic terror attack about every three weeks on their citizens.
  • The two bright spots in the world for a while were China and the good ole US of A, but even they, nor we can artificially prop up and keep hidden the sorry state of our economic affairs for much longer.
  • NPR reports that China’s economic troubles are being felt across world wide financial markets, and PBS reports that a Bloomberg reporter has said that he has lots of evidence that China’s economy is in a lot more trouble than even the numbers suggest.
  • And this for anyone who has ever uttered the words….Well.. This is America, and none of that will ever happen here.
  • Over just the past two months we have seen economic report after report, and none of them are positive. As a matter of  statistical fact, most of them are record breaking negative. Consider:
  • America’s private home ownership has hit an all time historical low. With less than 62% of the nations families owning their own home.
  • America’s President is on track to be the only President in history to hold the office without one year of economic growth over 3%. This in spite of the fact that he has had 8 years to achieve this.
  • Once again the Orders for American factories are in, and once again the numbers are down. This makes 20 months in a row that factory orders have fallen, and once again this breaks an all time American record for falling orders.
  • You couple these numbers with almost 20 Trillion dollars in national debt, and Hundreds of Trillions of dollars worth of unfunded liabilities, 94 Million working age Americans out of the work force, Tax revenues down to 1960’s levels, Two Presidential nominee’s both talking higher taxes for job creators, One of them favors putting the brakes on free market capitalism completely, and embraces protectionist policies( ironically the electorate agrees with his failed policy). Record numbers of Americans on Food Stamps, Earnings down for a 12th straight quarter, A country where half of the citizens collect government assistance in one form or another, and a Government that continues to spend money we don’t have, faster than  1st lady Obama on vacation. Whew…..We are looking at all of the ingredients needed to bake an economic collapse, crap cake.

We can argue forever about how we got to this pathetic point in our history, but that will do no good at all. It’s a waste of time, resources, and energy. We can not vote our way out of this sorry situation, or we would have done it by now. After all this has been coming for over Hundred years, and Americans have been voting longer than that. I don’t remember where the quote came from, but it’s brilliant, and it goes something like: If voting really did any good, They wouldn’t allow the people to do it. So, here we are. What do we do now? What can we do now? I don’t know all of the answer’s, but I know a few things that we can’t do. For societies own good, do NOT let anybody convince you that a physical fight with the powers that be is the answer to the problem. It’s not! This is not 1775, and the beast is much bigger, stronger, and technologically advanced than England was when our forefathers defeated them in battle for our independence. Trying to go face to face with a foe as powerful as the American police state, will make the results of economic collapse look like a walk in the park! Again we have proven over the past one hundred years that voting won’t fix it, because the American people have totally lost sight of what the true solutions are, and all too often vote against anything that resembles a solution. Should we try and convince enough of our fellow citizens that what brought us to greatness will bring us back to greatness? Not a chance. Hundreds of Americans with far reaching platforms have been doing that for years, and….well….with very few positive results.

The truth is that anybody that’s chosen side’s with the corrupt, and control, camp’s are not going to change their minds until that decision cause’s them some kind of pain, or hardship. People like me have totally given up on changing hearts and minds (this only distracts from what needs to be done to keep you and yours prepared for the inevitable storm). Therefore I don’t waste my time and energy on them anymore! Some people just have to learn some things the painful way, but they always come around after calamity strikes, hungry, disillusioned, and usually angry, at everyone and everything, other than themselves, and their bad choices. This makes them a danger to anybody that prepared wisely for the hard times, and you should prepare for that also.

There is some good news in all of this, and we should take full advantage of it.  Read more