Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Shadow Preppers X we take privacy very seriously. Not just our own but every ones.

Privacy is a large part of our prepping philosophy, and we believe that you should prep

for privacy as a part of prepping for survival. Staying under the public radar

is essential to being prepared for most emergency situations, Therefore at this point in time

we do not ask for any personal, or even contact info, unless you are trying to get in contact

with us. If we do decide at some point to ask for your contact info we publicly declare that

we will never sell, give, or share that information with anyone, at anytime, for any reason. Ever!

Ron Chaney Jr

Owner, Editor, Web master


In the interest of full, and honest disclosure, we would like to ask that visitors to this site assume that all links, ads, and banners, are affiliate’s of this site. In other words if, or when you buy a product using any of these links we earn a small percentage of the sale. This helps us off set the cost of keeping the site up and running, and hey, who knows, one day we might even cut a profit. This does not mean that you will pay one cent more for any product advertised on this site. You WILL NOT pay more using links on this site. We appreciate any support that we get in this regard, and understand if you choose not to support.