Shadow Prepping

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Prepping is not new!

Shadow prepping, or rather Survival prepping has gotten a lot of press lately, and it seems that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a story, article, post, video, or show, on the subject. It’s become a fad, a sensation, and after a while it will fade like all fads do, and something else will take it’s place in the minds of most Americans. This will be a real shame, because unlike times past in this country there has never been a bigger need for people to consider an uncertain future, even a dangerous future, where the unprepared run a very real risk of…well….not making it.

We still have all of the same risk factors of the past. Natural, and personal disasters, some severe,  that bring with them death, and destruction, some less so.

There will always be drought, floods, earth quakes, ice storms, tornados, hurricanes, blizzards and lesser natural occurrences that bring less severe consequences, like the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, or losing your job, but the world we find ourselves in today is an entirely  different animal.

There is the real possibility for disasters that people used to roll their eye’s at when I mentioned them. My own mother laughed when I once said that this economy could not sustain it’s self forever, this was back in the 1980’s. My mom was a corporate banker that headed up the “Corporate Trust” department of a very large east coast bank. She dealt with corporate mergers that ran into the Billions even that long ago, and she could not fathom the idea of economic calamity in America. In her world there were highs and lows(mostly highs) that would always shake out for the best if you just gave them a little time. My Mom doesn’t laugh at my theories anymore. She is now asking questions, like, what do you do without the dollar?swat

Even without a total collapse of the dollar and the world economy, Social unrest has already appeared in many instances in this country. Ferguson Mo, Baltimore Md , and pretty much any where Donald Trump campaigns for the Republican nomination for President comes to mind. Flash mobs, gang rob stores and disappear into the night like ghost.

Police officers are ambushed and murdered for no other reason than being police officers. Foreign and domestic terrorist strike without warning at the most vulnerable targets that they can find, killing and maiming as many as they can before being stopped, and illegal aliens from all over the world are poring across our wide open borders daily. Many of these situations are being over looked, and even encouraged from within our own government in the name of political power, and money.

Our bloated, bureaucratic government has stopped caring about hard working, tax paying American citizens, instead they have in many cases made us the targets of their “law enforcement” efforts if we appear to be making any effort at all to resist their blatant robbery, and oppression of the tax payer. Preppers are high on their new list of threats to the status quo. Today you could receive a visit from fully tacted out goons with any combination of letters on their chest for the crime of collecting rain water, ordering too much ammo, or having a chicken on your property but,

Before I wrap up this rant (Sorry, I didn’t mean to go this long), I thinks it’s important to explain the concept of Shadow Prepping. I can google the term “Bugout Bag”, and come up with 75 pages of  articles and merchants on the web selling them, or writing about them, but some of the most important subjects in the world of being prepared for emergencies is rarely ever mentioned…..Silence, privacy, and keeping your prepping efforts to yourself, or within your group is an absolute! No one outside of your group( and even some inside of your group)should know what you have, how much of it you have, and for crying out loud….where you keep it. It won’t matter if you have an underground bunker with 40 years of food and water, along with a hundred Thousand rounds of ammo if the word gets out to the wrong people. By all mean share your knowledge, help your fellow human in his efforts to prepare, but never give up certain aspects of your own efforts.

Shadow Prepping is being prepared, being vigilant, and being quiet. Keep your efforts as constant, consistent, and quiet as your shadow.

RB Chaney Jr