Ten must do Summer Preps!

  When I wrote my last post, I promised that I would follow up with what we should accomplish this summer in the way of  getting prepared for the worst. I’m reading and hearing constantly now about the state of the world, and frankly not much of it is encouraging. I am not clairvoyant, nor do I […]

Modern preppers.

Modern Preppers should look more to the past.

Modern Preppers look more to the past as a guide to preparedness. What modern preppers call prepping or emergency preparedness, our not so distant ancestors called everyday life. Less than a Hundred years ago(Three generations) in this country the majority of people produced more of their food than they bought. Family vegetable gardens, and fruit trees were […]

Bugging Out?

Bugging out, Now What? Bugging out is a term often used in todays conversation concerning the future. Preppers, and survivalist, discuss BOB (bug out bags) and Bug out vehicles, as a normal part of the culture, but few actually discuss the plethora of hardships this would ultimately cause anyone that ever had to actually do […]